Charlene Raddon

Keeping Alive the Romance of the old West


Charlene provides graphic services to authors in the form of book covers, headers, banners, bookmarks, postcards, and Blogger designs. These are pre-made covers available at her site, Cover-Ops Book Covers.

covers-5-011-Page-12 Premades-015-Page-16 Premades-018-Page-19#RO-43#HI-9#RO-53watchign the wave 72 waiting for him 72 the watcher 72 rejected 72 Regency kiss 72 Premades-034-Page-35 72 Premades-032-Page-33 72 Premades-7-030-Page-31 72 Premades-7-024-Page-25 -72 Premades-7-022-Page-23 72 Premades-7-000-Page-1 72 Premades-6-039-Page-40 72 Premades-6-036-Page-37 72 Premades-6-032-Page-33 72 Premades-6-029-Page-30 72 Premades-6-026-Page-27 72 Premades-6-016-Page-17 72 Premades-6-004-Page-5 72



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