Charlene Raddon

Keeping Alive the Romance of the old West

October 04, 2015



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An anthology of eight western historical romance ghost stories. Available on

Authors include Margo Bond Collins, Keta Diablo, Andrea Downing, Blaire Edens, Erin Hayes, Anita Philmar, Charlene Raddon, and Patti Sherry-Crews.







a-ride-through-timeCharlene’s novella from The Good, The Bad, and The Ghostly

Ghosts. Murder. Love.  T.P.S.I. Agent Burke Jameson travels to Eagle Gulch, Colorado to investigate a report of ghost activity at a house where a murder took place in 1881. What he finds is a whole new life beyond his imagination.

Clorinda Halstead believes she’s a widow. Living with the town marshal and his wife, all Clori wants is to be left alone. Then a stranger, Burke James, joins the household and nothing is ever the same again.

Available wherever e-Books are sold.




unearthed-kindleWhat secret has been uncovered in a disused mine? Something is not as it should be. The scene is set, the beginning in place BUT there are five different endings.
The path is up to you.
The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.
Five Authors – Kylie Price, Margaret Tanner, Charlene Raddon,
Scarlett J. Rose and Susan Horsnell.
Five Genres –
Time Travel
Five Pathways.
Which path will you choose to uncover the secret?





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