Charlene Raddon

Keeping Alive the Romance of the old West

October 04, 2015



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Book 4 of the Rocky Mountain Romances series

Marriage is the last thing on Annora Lee Bostwick’s mind when she moves to Wyoming to start a new branch of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Her focus is centered solely on saving animals…until blackmail and deceit force her to reconsider.

Buffalo Birch Struthers has no desire to marry, but must if he wants to keep his father’s ranch, and time is running out. His only option is an event scheduled for the upcoming yearly ranch competition called the Ride for a Bride Race.

Can two strangers who find themselves in an unwanted but unavoidable situation set anger and obstinacy aside long enough to fall in love?





Sierra West has a murder to investigate. One that comes with a mine, a Native American fetish, and a hole.
A hole to 1878.
The mine’s owner, Gidry Tyrell, helps Sierra and her brother settle into Tyrell Town, Idaho, a ghost town in 2017, but thriving in 1878. Gidry is on a murder investigation of his own. Can Sierra and her brother help him find who murdered his brother, without becoming victims themselves?
Will they all live to help save the orphans who survived a smallpox epidemic only to fall into the clutches of a cruel child abuser?

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Ghosts. Murder. Love.  T.P.S.I. Agent Burke Jameson travels to Eagle Gulch, Colorado to investigate a report of ghost activity at a house where a murder took place in 1881. What he finds is a whole new life beyond his imagination.

Clorinda Halstead believes she’s a widow. Living with the town marshal and his wife, all Clori wants is to be left alone. Then a stranger, Burke James, joins the household and nothing is ever the same again.

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